Tuesday, December 08, 2009


The phone rang late Sunday night as Kristie and I were watching football.

It was KoKo's JV volleyball coach. She called to apologize about the speech at the awards banquet and for forgetting KoKo's number and hurting KoKo's feelings.

Kristie apologized as well and they talked for a good half hour.

I cannot tell you how impressed Kristie was with the JV coaches apology. She was sincere and completely candid with Kristie. They had a wonderful conversation that included how parents could help and assist the coaches with their program.

Both sides had a chance to clear misconceptions. It was a great opportunity for some much needed healing.

I also spoke with the JV coach. She reiterated her apologies and I offered mine for my big, rash mouth and for stirring things up on my blog. I reiterated that KoKo's coach handled my initial complaint very well. Things got blown out of proportion from there when my blog post was taken out of context emailed around to other coaches. I told her that I had posted a redaction, but few read that.

I also told KoKo's JV coach that I admired her for calling because I don't know if I would have been strong enough to do that. It really shows how much the JV coach cares. I thanked her repeatedly. It was wonderful to hear from her.

I think in one conversation we were able to clear the air, and I definitely know we came away with a greater appreciation and respect. Again, how wonderful.

The JV coach also wanted to personally apologize to KoKo, but KoKo was at her father's. She called the next day and apologized to KoKo. The smile on KoKo's face was priceless. I wish the coach could have seen that. Because as the coach said repeatedly, "It is all about the kids." And that smile on KoKo's face proved that.

This was the most rewarding experience I have had as the parent of an athlete. The memories of wins and losses will fade, but Kristie and I will never forget this. Neither will KoKo.

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TeacherScribe said...

How interesting it is when you leave a positive post, there's no feedback. But post some criticism and watch the fireworks.

But let me say it again, thanks to KoKo's JV coach for the call and for talking to KoKo. That was wonderful and something KoKo won't soon forget.