Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wednesday's high light

Today has been a great day, but the high light comes from my fourth block College Comp class. We are working on an outline for our persuasive paper. I had my thesis up on the board regarding my persuasive topic (why second lunch needs to be vastly improved). We were discussing putting outlines together based on my thesis when I began asking the class to share their topics.

Of course, right away a few students volunteered to share their topics. But soon there was silence and people were looking sheepishly around at each other. I had to resort to calling on students for their topics.

Finally, I came to Tracy, one of the quieter students.

"What are you doing your paper on?" I asked.

With a serious tone, Tracy said, "Why spanking is an acceptable form of punishment." Then she broke out this sinister little grin.

There was a moment of silence before I said, "Great topic." Then I looked at Tracy and that gin and couldn't help but say, "Whoa . . . How did YOU come up with that?"

Then we began to laugh.

Travis, my most talkative and extroverted student, laughed, "And that coming from the quietest student! That's great!"

Tracy chuckled and turned a little red from her moment in the spot light.

"We've got out own Jonathan Swift here," I added since we read that last week.

Can't wait to read the paper now!

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