Sunday, December 13, 2009

Visiting Gramma Gail

Kristie, Kenzie, and I paid Gail a visit on Saturday. Actually, Gail was doing us a huge favor, allowing us to store Casey's pickup in her garage for the winter.

The visit was classic Gail. Before we showed up, she quick ran out to a church bake sale so we could have some goodies to snack on while we were there.

Then - even though Christmas is just under two weeks away - Gail couldn't help but give Kenzie two gifts early - a doll that was just as big as Kenzie and a beautiful rocking horse. If Gail keeps this up, she'll have to shop for Kenzie three more times before Christmas.

But that's what Grandmothers are for. I remember my grandmother, Myrtle, being much the same way.

Another trait of Gail's is her giving nature. It's nothing when you mention to Gail how much you like something of hers, Gail doesn't hesitate to retort, "Take it!" or "You want it?"

I first noticed this when she stayed with us to care for Kenzie. We'd often order from Joe Dimaggio's in town.

When we had the food and we we're sitting around eating, I'd say to Gail, "That French Dip looks good."

"Here," Gail would begin, "take some of it" as she tried to scoop half on to my plate.

But the giving just doesn't stop there.

When we were visiting Gail on Saturday, she tried to give us everything we commented on . . . I jokingly thought about commenting on the house. Had I done it, I would not have been surprised to find Gail fish around for the deed!

After helping her re-arrange her living room - and turning down offers to take her furnite, I said,
"I see you have your Wii set up finally set up,"

"Yes," Gail started, "Carla set it up last week." Then it wasn't long before she asked, "Do you want it? I don't know how much I'm really going to use it."

Never mind she bought hers the same time as Kristie bought ours!

If Gail cannot give it away, her next strategy is just to purchase two and give away the other one.

As we sat around watching Kenzie tear around Gail's living room, Gail mentioned that she had ordered a G2 Swivel Sweeper.

Sure enough, when she got up to grab the box, she brought out two boxes.

Guess what? We left with it tucked under our arms!

Of course, as we attempted to leave Gail quickly bagged up most of the goodies from the bake sale and handed them to us.

"Would you like some pop?" Gail asked as we had to pass by the fridge on our way to the door. "I have cases of Pepsi and Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew," she said as she opened the door and showed up the cases just to prove it. "I'll never be able to drink all of that!"

When Kristie and I left, we realized we had forgotten Kenzie's juice cup at Gail's. Now there are few things worse than this - parenting has taught me that.

So we called Gail and told her we were coming back for the cup.

Sure enough, there was Gail standing in her driveway her arms full of more stuff to try and give us. She had half a dozen pops cradled in her arms and a bag full of Animal Crackers. Plus, Kenzie's juice cup of course.

She succeeded in giving us the Animal Crackers!

I thing, honestly, that Gail is the spirit of Christmas personified. Only she is like that 365 days a year!

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Anonymous said...

It's better to give than to receive (however that saying goes) and besides it is more fun.

From your mother-in-law Gail or should I say mom Gail