Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Twilight Zone

When did an awards banquet become a lecture? This was not a parent/coaches meeting! When did an awards banquet become an attack on a few parents in front of their children - who were supposed to be recognized?

I've never been lectured to that since I was seven and decided to make a magic poition by pouring shampoo into Mom's stew!

We thought we were attending a simple end of the season awards banquet. When in fact, we were duped into attending a one-sided parent lecture/attack.

How refreshing it is to see the awards banquet go on for a good fifteen minutes lecturing the parents! What a wonderful memory for the seniors to have! And then witnessing several student/athletes (and parents alike) crying afterward over issues that had nothing to do with an awards banquet.

Let me stress again, we thought it was an awards banquet where the coaches and athletes would reflect on their season.

I know full well this was done in response to my blog. However, readers had a chance on the blog to leave feedback. And I posted every comment (whether it was for or against me as that seems only fair)!

However, at this banquet we were - in effect - held captive. We did, though, have the courtesy to say nothing, given our kids were right next to us. The only thing we could do, and several of us did, was walk out during the fifteen minute tirade.

Never have these coaches called a parent meeting because of my blog, yet they decide at the annual awards night to make it a one sided lecture. And, moreover, take it out on others who had nothing to do with the blog!

Better yet, it was done in front of our children, which resulted in, again, student/athletes crying. All of this at our kids' awards banquet!

Did I say that the longest section of the awards banquet was the lecture to parents?

When did a final senior banquet turn into the volleyball coaches writing a long diatribe on behalf of all coaches (as they mentioned several other sports)?

As a teacher of 12 years, a coach for 13, and an athlete for 7 years, I have never witnessed such a ridiculously bizarre awards ceremony.

If it was the intent of the coaches to make this a memorable night, it truly will be. And that is sad.


Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. From what I heard about your letter to the coach, there was nothing wrong with it. The coach should have been able to accept any critisim with good grace and talked to you about it. To turn something that should have been celebrating accomplishments into a lecture was nothing short of shameful.

Kel said...

Unbelievable. And the truly amazing part is that no one stopped it before it happened. No one that may have heard about these plans -- to lecture parents, minimize the importance of the team, or take away from the significance of the award ceremony in a misguided attempt to save face -- stepped up to say, "I don't think this is the time or place." It would almost be laughable if it weren't so sad.

King of Kratka said...

I agree that this was not the platform to hold such discussions. It really sounds like RLF volleyball coaches really need to reconsider what they are doing by running a program in this way. I think ALL coaches need to spend time asking one simple question: "Why do I coach?" If the answer reflects any of the behaviors that were described on this blog, then they need to find another way to spend their time.
PS- 7 years as an athlete. Did you count your time as a male cheerleader at BSU?

Anonymous said...

Too bad. That is all I have to say. Using an awards banquet as a forum to make a statement. I am pretty sure that isn't in a coaches manual anywhere. WOW.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am an outsider, an observer. It makes me wonder if the "so-called" speaker (JV volleyball coach) ever considered to "role play" herself as a parent or the athlete in order to experience what reaction she herself would have had at an award night listening to the pre-organized lecture before she presented it. That night should have been a celebration with joy and honor. It really makes you wonder if she has children of her own and how would she react to the "so called speech" if she does,(I guess this is a REPEAT but I wanted that pointed out). It also makes a person wonder how long a "coach" like that would be appreciated as a coach.

Anonymous said...

First of all, bashing people on a blog is extremely childish and cowardly. Secondly, if you were held so-called "captive", how could you have left? And as I recall, I didn't see a single person crying at that banquet. Everyone who stayed seemed fine. Why did you leave? Guilt? I agree they aren't the greatest coaches, but you really don't need to use the internet to dis them. Did you go to them directly? They would've listened if you personally called them to talk about your problems. Maybe you should stop attacking the coaches and actually try to help them out a little. And I'm pretty sure that the "lecture" was NOT towards any parent. Many points that were said made sense because they happened in almost every other sport in Red Lake Falls. So instead of doing nothing but complaining with your little blog, why don't you do something positive about it?

TeacherScribe said...
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TeacherScribe said...
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TeacherScribe said...
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Chelsy said...

As a volleyball player I felt that their speech was completely justified. It was a touchy subject, that was clear, but one that I felt needed to be brought up. Yes it was an award banquet but I think its only right that the players get to hear and be involved in the issues. In the speech, the coaches main point that they were trying to get across was that they wanted to help and to personally hear your problems. Their main objective was that they didn’t want the problem to go through other people instead of directly to them. It seems that that point was missed being another blog that everyone could view with a simple click on Google was started. If people did feel attacked or offended did u go up to them and personally let them know? My heart goes out to the volleyball coaches because like they said you can’t please everyone. Everyone makes mistakes, but it seems that theirs get amplified and criticized by everyone. It takes a very big tole on people when the majority of comments you hear are negative. Yes I think that you should be able to express your opinions but isn’t there a better way to go about it?

TeacherScribe said...

Thanks for your opinion and using your real name.

TeacherScribe said...

We did talk with KoKo's coach. I emailed her. She then called my wife at work. I later saw the AD at daycare and thanked him. Then I sent an email thanking KoKo's coach. The situation was resolved.

We communicated and they communicated and it was resolved.

It was only later that my blog entry was emailed around and taken out of context (as a condemnation of all the sports programs). Even then I had one coach contact me and we resolved the issue. I explained what I meant and there was resolution.

We never had a problem with the VB staff . . . until they humiliated KoKo at the awards banquet by 'forgetting' her number and saying some haphazard comments about her - despite the fact that the entire ceremony - from the opening remarks all the way through the lecture - was scripted. Besides my initial question about KoKo's playing time and the message that was being sent, the way KoKo was treated at the banquet was my only complaint I have ever had with the VB staff. And it was the only time as a parent that I have ever contacted a coach with an issue. I hope it remains that way too.

Again, thanks for all of the opinions expressed on here.