Sunday, November 08, 2009

This Could be Trouble

Kenzers opened one of our kitchen drawers yesterday and promptly pulled out one of our can koozies - used mainly for keeping beverages cold while tubing. Well, here she is with a koozie on her juice cup. That seems that she has inherited her parents' love for tubing.

I'm popping holes in all of our tubes in the garage! And she's staying away from the river until she's in college! Or with us.

I can just picture Kenzie planning to say she's coming over at Rhylee and Kennedy's place and they'll say they're coming over here when really they're headed for the river! They'll call Bo and Max up who will swing by in their trucks . . . Oh man!

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Mrs Petey said...

We must keep them off the River! If Rhylee & Kennedy ever say they are staying at your house and it's a Canadian long weekend - we'll really know what is up! We have a picture of Rhylee when she was 2, floating in a little raft at the lake..but she couldn't do it with out a sippy cup in her hand. She had the old tubing pose down perfect...I'm sooooo scared for when these girls are teenagers!