Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanks A Lot Broncos

Whatever happened to the mighty Broncos?

Remember, they beat the Bengals on a Hail Mary/Our Father/Act of Contrition last second pass that was - unfortunately - deflected up into the air . . . and right into another wide receiver's hands.

Last week they could have done the Bungals a huge favor by beating the Ravens. But no. The Ravens ripped them to shreds.

This week, likewise, they could help us out by rebounding and beating the Steelers (who are now tied with the Bengals, though we hold the tiebreaker since we beat them in week 3). But no. The Steelers pummeled them.

That's one reason I'm so nervous as the Bengals sit at 6-2. It's not how you start the season; it's how you finish it.

Now the Bengals and Steelers square off on Sunday in Pittsburgh for first place in the AFC North.

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