Thursday, November 12, 2009

So long google docs and wikipedia

I see our district's new content filter has been ratcheted in place. Well, it was fun while our freedom lasted (well, I mean the students' freedom since our teacher workstations are unfettered).

I just don't see the point in blocking such things as google docs (especially since I was planning on having my College Comp II class do many cool things on there for their projects - such as keeping a blog and just posting their essays on line or writing a hyper-text essay on there).

And wikipedia filtered? I had students use that every day.

Well, let's hope some accomodations will be made for some very useful sites.

I have no problem with facebook or youtube blocked for students. But it seem ludicrous to block very useful sites.


Mr. Geiser said...

I hope the person who wrote the software program for our new filter does not still have a job if they were not smart enough to take wikipedia off the cut list. Wow, major problem there.

TeacherScribe said...

I hope this gets resolved. And I'm sure it will. Some kids were shocked when they couldn't access their emails or wikipedia.

I tried to counter their frustration with the fact that we are given incredible amounts of freedom here, compared to other schools - KoKo cannot access email, I believe, at her school nor can she use her cell phone.

It's just a shock, I think, to have so much freedom and then have it blocked. I do hope some accommodations are made. I tried clicking that little box that states "If you feel this website should be allowed you may submit it for review." Maybe if we submit it review enough times, it will be unbocked.