Saturday, November 14, 2009

Now Why Didn't I Think of Using This?

I've become a fan of Common Craft. Those are the folks who produce the little movies called "In Plain English," like "Blogs in Plain English" or "Health Care Reform in Plain English."

And how they come out with this: "Zombies in Plain English."

(Thanks to Nancy Devine's blog for alerting me to the zombie video)

Just now I'm thinking how I didn't see the connection between these very simple and very exact and very informative videos and the how to essays I'm having my College Comp class write. I should have been showing them to my class as examples. Then I could have my students write their papers in the same way - "Mooching in Plain English" or "Procrastinating in Plain English" or "Red Necks in Plain English."

Well, I'll have to save that for next semester.

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