Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Favorite Show

This is my new favorite TV show. I saw a preview for the episode "American Blitzkreig" about the Allies storming through France on their way - eventually - to Germany. I set our DirecTV system to record it.

How lucky I was to catch that preview. Even better, the system recorded a second episode. I watched both last night and thought they were great.

I search for more episodes, but couldn't find any.

Luckily, the entire series is on iTunes - Patton 360 - Patton 360 - Blood & Guts.

I don't know much about Patton, but from the two episodes I saw last night, I can't wait to learn more. All I really recall was from watching the old George C. Scott film based on Patton when I was young. I recall - and my memory could be wrong here - Patton walking out in front of a large American flag and begin giving some sort of speech. I think Dad had the entire family hunkered down to watch it. Well, as Patton got really warmed up, he began to let some expletives fly (must have been on one of those week-long free HBO trial periods).

I was shocked. Mom once stuck a bar of Ivory soap in my mouth when I swore after we came home and I saw my fish floating belly up in the bowl.

And this guy was just getting away with it scott free!

I couldn't believe it.

All Dad said was, "That is the good kind of cursing."

I guess if you curse in the name of your country in front of the largest American flag, Dad would let a few cuss words slip. I imagine that being a brilliant general and a war hero didn't hurt either!

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Mr. Geiser said...

I love this series too. Patton is one of my all time favorite personalities.