Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 7

This afternoon we will see if the Bungals are back.

With the national media descending upon Paul Brown Stadium last week as the Bengals were 4-1, the Bengals did what they have always did - tank. I can count the number of bombs the Bengals dropped in big games. And the Texans took it to them.

We shall see how they fare against the Bears, who usually play some pretty physical ball.

Postscript --

How wrong I was. As I type this the Bengals have a comfortable 38-3 lead over the Bears.

Not only have they shut the Bears down, but they have pounded the ball. Cedric Benson is well over 100 yards and should be close to leading the league in rushing again.

Better than that, though, Carson Palmer appears to be back to his surgically accurate self again. He has dialed up 5 touchdown passes and his just putting the ball right where it needs to be.

If they can run the ball consistently and Palmer can stretch the field with the passing game - and the defense can get teams off the field on third down, get a few sacks here and there, and force a turnover every once in awhile, they could make a run at the AFC North this year.

As it stands, they will be tied for first with the Steelers at 5-2. Wouldn't you know it. The one time I need the Vikes to win, and they go and lay an egg in Pittsburgh today.

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