Friday, October 09, 2009

Really getting into this . . .

I have a few loose cannons in my Lit & Lang 11 class. They were wondering if for the creative option of their take home test on The Jungle they could shoot a scene from the novel and work on it as a group.

I was fine with this once I laid down some parameters so that one person wouldn't end up doing the bulk of the work.

Then I got back to work as they grouped their desks together and began brainstorming ideas.

I couldn't help but laugh out loud when after about five minutes, I heard one guy protest, "But I don't want to be Ona!"

Ha. I could just see him dressed up in a wig and a dress.

That's funny.

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TeacherScribe said...

And on my way to lunch, one of the students asked if he could have other people in the video who were not in class. I said as long as they don't show themselves butchering a deer or something, I'll be fine with it.