Friday, October 30, 2009


Some of my fellow teachers have encountered some negative feedback lately because they have blogged about some negative things.

I don't see this as a bad thing.

The world is not all roses.

I love what Helen Keller had to say about this -

"People do not like to think because in order to think, they must reach conclusions. And conclusions aren't always positive."

Amen, Helen.

Life is not always roses.

The point, as one of my colleagues noted today, is not to kill the messenger.

Instead - and here is an original idea - how about looking at the issue.

That is one thing that is so refreshing about our new administration this year.

I am not lying when I tell you this. But I saw our new leader pick up gum off the hallway floor this year. Can you believe that?

When a few years ago I told our former boss that some student - on one of our inservice days - had pretty much parked on the school lawn - that he would look into it. Which meant that nothing would happen unless the student moved the car himself.

Nothing like sticking your head in the sand and hoping the problem disappears.

Yet, our new leader was picking gum off the floor! I cannot explain to you how revitalized and motivated I feel coming to work every day.

How refreshing and inspiring.

Yet, not everything is positive. The important thing here is to focus on what is going wrong and take steps to fix it. Heaping blame is not the answer. Let's address what is wrong and try to fix it.

But the first step in this is acknowledging that there is something wrong.

That's not always easy.

But when it gets fixed and things get done. That is what is rewarding.

So, don't freak out about us stating our concerns. Let's, instead, focusing on fixing things.

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Minnesotalady said...

Your blog always helps me. I don't always have the guts to voice my negative concerns, but I'm glad someone else does.

I can remember a post or two on here when I had to re-examine myself a bit.

It was a good thing.