Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Now . . . the highlights!

Who Dey!

It's been awhile since the Bengals beat up on somebody as badly as they pummeled the Bears last Sunday (truth be told, the last time they decimated a team this way, it was the 37-8 trashing they gave the Vikings the last time they played back in '05 - but I have a sinking feeling that trashing might be returned to them this December when the Bengals visit the Metrodome).

Now, enjoy . . .

It is hard to believe that the Bungals have already won more games this season - and we aren't even quite half way there - than we did all last year. But that was a nightmare (which is pretty much par for the course when it comes to the Bungals).

But this team seems destined to finally turn things around. They are running the ball very well (Cedric Benson is leading the league in rushing right now). They have Ochocinco involved in every single game (I think he is fourth in the league in receiving yards). Now Carson seems to be over that rustiness as a result of his injured elbow last year that caused him to play in only four games - and an ankle injury that wiped out his entire preseason - and playing at the level that landed him in the Pro Bowl in '05 and '06. Better yet, the defense is actually getting people off the field on third down. And they are rushing the passer. In fact, the third leading sacker in the NFL is a Bengal -- and he is out for the rest of the season. And he is still in third place.

Finally, the Bengals are playing tough against their division foes. Palmer is 8-3 against the Browns and 8-3 against the Ravens. We won't mention his record against the Steelers though. But at least the Bengals are 3-0 in the division. It brings back the good old days from '88-'90 when the Bengals were a whopping 15-3 against the old AFC central (losing just to the Houston Oilers - remember them? - all on the road in the old Astrodome).

Once they are done with their by week, the will face the final division run. Luckily, the have the Ravens and Browns at home. They have to travel to Pittsburgh but Palmer has won their twice in the past, so there's some hope.

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