Friday, October 02, 2009

Not quite the Wrath of Grapes . . .

. . . close.

What our freshman team has missed in wins (1-4 now), they have made up for in laughs.

In our first game, while his defense waited for our opponent's offense to break their huddle, our coach yelled, "Jeremiah, find the ball" as he was lining up at defensive tackle. Jeremiah promptly pointed at the ball to his left. Just where the ref had placed it.

He indeed found the ball!

Second, our wrath of grapes incident from last week.

Third, since it was pouring last night, we had one of our managers keeping the footballs dry under his sweatshirt.

Sometimes he'd get talking about forget to throw the game ball in to the ref.

"Nate, the official needs the ball," the coaches and players called.

He looked at the two balls in his arms and asked a simple question, "Which one?"

Our quarterback didn't hesitate, "The Wilson! Give it to the ref."

Nate look confused.

Now, I might explain here that we have two brands of footballs, Wilsons and Rawlings. Our QB prefers with Wilson brand.

"Nate, give him the Wilson! Give it to him," our QB continued.

Nate too continued with his look of consternation.

Finally, as the officials were bearing down on him to get the ball, he had to ask, "Which one is Wilson?"

I just about said, "the one in your right hand," when I realized he thought we meant the officials and he didn't know which one was named Wilson.

Then I had to laugh.

"The BALL is Wilson, not the official," someone explained.

Of course, I couldn't help but think of Tom Hanks's character in Castaway and his beloved Wilson (a volleyball in that case).

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Minnesotalady said...

Nate likes to write poetry... :) Cool kid!