Monday, October 12, 2009

New Identity

Kristie first told me about her new identity - Kenzie's mom.

Whenever we go to either drop or pick Kenzer's up from daycare, we are bombarded with "There's Kenzie's mom/dad."

This morning was the same as all her little toddler buds were running around daycare (they were particularly fascinated with the new snow fall - telling everyone "Guess what? It's snowing!" to which all of us adults just smiled and nodded, the novelty of the year's first snowfall having long worn off - about 20 years ago!) saying "Kenzie's dad is here" or "Are you Kenzie's dad?"

I've gone from Kurt in elementary school, Renzy in high school and college, to Reynolds as a young teacher and just now Mr. Reynolds as I'm an old fart now. But I like Kenzie's dad the best.

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