Thursday, October 08, 2009

How cool is iQuiz

I stumbled upon iQuiz maker. Don't worry you don't need an iPod to make an iQuiz (though you can easily export them to an iPod).

Just go to - (pardon that stone age copy and paste method, but I'm blogging from my iGoogle account and can't embed the link).

You can create a quiz on anything.

This is cool because most of your students' iPods come with iQuiz already installed. But the default quizzes all focus on pop culture.

But, iQuiz maker, allows you to create your own quizzes and either export them to an iPod or you can take the quiz with the iQuiz application. An iPod appears on the screen and it simulates the quiz.

I bet you're students would love it.

I created one for "The Black Cat" that I want to use when I get around to using my SMARTboard (I'm waiting for conferences and MEA to test the ground there).

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