Friday, October 23, 2009

Great Kids

I had to check out early last Thursday because Kenzie was sent home from daycare because she was running a temp. So I hastily threw some sub notes together - got my class going on a project and headed home to relieve Kristie who is running low on sick leave.

When Kenzie was still running a bit of a temp, we decided to keep her home another day, so I decided to take Friday off. I ran up to school Thursday night to get things ready for the sub on Friday.

I was interested to see what my sub notes were concerning Thursday.

And I quote, "You are lucky to have such great students."

I couldn't agree more.

Friday just proved this. I had two students personally call me (from class no less - I allow them to use the cell phones) to clarify their assignments. Furthermore, I had about a dozen text me with questions regarding their essays. In one instance, I actually called a student, who had a question on formatting her essay. Luckily, she was at a computer. I had my laptop up and I was able to walk her through how to properly format an MLA paper using appleworks. Later in fourth hour, I received two texts from students - and one phone call - confused over some due dates. I couldn't get hold of either student, so I called another student in that class.

He said, "Hold on a sec Mr. Reynolds."

Then I heard some shuffling. "Okay, go ahead. I have you on speaker phone!"

And I walked the entire class through the due dates and any questions they might have had.

Now that is pretty cool. Again, what great students I am blessed with. That is why it is an honor to be their teacher.

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