Saturday, October 24, 2009

Favorite Place

Last Sunday was so nice that Kenzie and I hit the road and visited one of my favorite places in my hometown, Red Lake Falls. The place is known as The Point. I'm not sure exactly the origins of the name, other than that is where the Clearwater and Red Lake rivers meet. The Point is at the end of what is known as Sports Man's Park. The city has done a wonderful job updating it and turning it into a very nice park and campground.

However, my favorite place is always down by the river. The road dips right down to a boat launch that is right at the tip of land at the end of the park - what I imagine to be 'the point' of where the two rivers join.

I never really thought about all of the history behind this place. I just enjoyed the cliffs, the trees, and the water.

However, one year the city had this marker put up and it changed my appreciation of the point.

Well over a century ago a thriving saw mill stood at that very spot. What I wouldn't give to be able to travel back in time and see not only what the mill itself was like but also what the community was like, for it was larger than it is today.

However, these bit of bricks are all that remain. Funny, I drove by this spot a million times when growing up, yet I never noticed them.

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