Sunday, October 11, 2009

Big Game

With the Twins squaking into the playoffs - and coming up just short against the Yanks - I've adopted the philosophy of many Twins fans when it comes to watching my beloved Bungals.

That is, expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised when it doesn't happen.

That has worked so far this year. The Bungals - despite plenty of bungaling - are 3-1.

I'm watching them battle for first place in the AFC North against the Ravens.

I went in just wanting a moral victory - a close loss. That way when the Bungals play in Cincy next month, they can maybe steal a win.

But the Bengals are bungaling. They passed right down the field and because we have the worst long snapper in league history, we missed the field goal. Then our young emerging corner picked of Flacco in the endzone. However, we gave it right back with an Ed Reed pick for a touchdown. There is no denying that Reed is the greatest DB ever to play in the history of the NFL. Then the Bungals manage to battle back thanks to a 70 yard bomb to Chris Henry, who is tackled on the three yard line. The Bungals weren't able to punch it in, but they are locked in a 3-7 fight.

Right now they managed to strip the ball and return it for a TD (reversing the Ravens tough defensive play on the Ravens). But, of course, it's being challenged.

Let's hope for a break. We should get a dozen or so after that immaculate deflection from week one in which the Broncos stole a victory on the last play of the game.

By the way - is there a worse broadcaster than Steven Tasker? He's terrible. If the audio on my computer wasn't about eight seconds behind live TV, I'd listen to the Bengals radio network.

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