Sunday, October 04, 2009


It wasn't pretty. In fact, sections of the second and third quarters contained some of the ugliest football I've seen in awhile.

Yet, there's hope.

The Bengals hung in there and overcame their own mistakes. By the time OT rolled around, they had the Browns' offense and special teams stymied.

I've seen enough ugly Bungal ball to know that in years past, this would have been a game that once they fell behind they would have given up. But there was some Bungaling here (blocked field goal, fumbled kick return, interception, and a missed PAT), but they hung in there and there was some anti-Bungaling here too (Chad's two TD catches, a defense that produced two key turnovers - one giving the Bengals a 14-0 lead and another stopping a Browns' scoring drive, Carson's huge 15 yard run on fourth and 10, and the final FG).

Only one more win and we've matched all of last year's total. Now, if we wouldn't have given up that Hail Mary pass to Denver in week one . . .

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