Monday, September 28, 2009

Rite of Passage

It's fortuitous that we are writing essays focusing on a rite of passage in my College Comp classes, for KoKo had a major one Sunday afternoon.

She had a boy over.

Kristie was absolutely giddy as she watched our little Beaner hop around with nervous energy as she talked to the boy, Michael, on his way here from Newfolden.

When he finally pulled up to our house (once he finally found it), KoKo was ready to faint! But our little dear pulled it together and introduced him to us and we had a nice little visit before they left to rent a couple of movies.

Kristie couldn't help but smile whenever she had to walk into the living room and saw them sitting next to each other on the couch holding hands.

Our little Beaner is growing up! Michael is the first boy she has invited over. He seems like a nice boy who enjoyed visiting with us and stayed for dinner (and the Bengals' victory - he loathes the Vikings, so he earned points right away with that comment).

I guess it's a double rite of passage, for Kristie was seeing her little girl grow right up!

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