Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What about these?

Well the shit is really hitting the fan. This blog address is out there now, so I have no idea who will read this - administration, teachers, the public, school board members, but I still think there still a think called freedom of speech.

Turn away. Unlike Kaffir Boy, you're being given a choice now. Turn away.

Members of the ignorant public are really going to the extreme. The supposed 'professor' mentioned previously was supposeldy running to the businesses with photocopied sections of the book and its controversial passage. Well, at least the pages were copied illegally. Maybe we can get the goofy bird locked up. So much for taking things out of context.

Again, how can you battle such stupidity. (After earning my MA in English I was hesitant to go for a PhD, but it looks like they're handing out the label of 'professor' to anyone - maybe I should not have been so hesitant).

Later on in the day I entered the staff room and they were tuned to a call in show on our local radio. Guess what the topic was?

Again, a member of our public - totally oblivious to the idea of context - was arguing that if the passage wasn't pornographic, then the DJ should read it aloud.

I couldn't take it anymore. I had to call in.

I made the point that parts of TKM and Night could not be read over the radio.

Now too teachers have been slandered by parents who have gone nuts on their witch hunt for this book.

I always have loved "The Crucible," but this has come far too close to home for me.

Tonight, I write a letter to the editor. As Kristie said, "You cannot let them win."

I don't intend to. At least without a hell of a fight.

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