Friday, October 24, 2008


It was almost a year ago this week that I had an essay, "The McEssay; Choking the Voice Out of Student Writing," accepted for publication (still no word, though, on the publication date. The previous date I had been going by was just a deadline to get the essays into the publisher).

This week I sent off pieces to four different places for publication. I sent Glimmertrain Press an essay I wrote on my father some years ago entitled "Better Days" for a competition on stories based on family. I sent Diagram the introduction to my thesis, but I reworked it into an analytical piece about beginning a memoir (and I added the piece below to it). To Sow's Ear I sent in several poems. Today, I sent out my entire thesis, a creative non-fiction memoir on my grandmother, to New Rivers Press.

Maybe I'll get lucky and one of these places will find my work interesting and publish it. We'll see.

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