Friday, September 05, 2008

KoKo's first game

Tuesday was not only the first school day, but it was also KoKo's first volleyball game. Things could not have gone better. Not only did they trounce Crookston, a large rival to our west, but the team seemed to really enjoy themselves. The change is due to their new coach. Their previous coach played to win (at the seventh grade level?) and did not seem to enjoy being around kids (why you'd either go into teaching or coaching if you don't enjoy kids is beyond me). The fact that the coach never played the sport nor had any trace of athletic ability didn't help matters either.

But that all was forgotten pretty quickly in yesterday's Tuesdays win. You never really realize how the kids have changed over the summer until you see them on the court. KoKo is now taller than several of her peers. She certainly is coming into her own. When she realizes how good she can truly be, and begins to work at it, it could be scary. However, she still is (and hopefully will always be) that goofy kid who sneaks a peek into the stands and smiles at you or almost shoots a free throw with the volleyball while waiting to serve during a time out.

Kristie got there before me and said that the first words out of KoKo's mouth were "Is Kurt coming?"

That's my Beaner!

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