Monday, September 01, 2008

Kenzie's Room, Part 76

Kristie and I spent the better part of Sunday -- what am I talking about? We spent ALL Sunday -- putting together the final pieces for Kenzie's room. With the due date less than a month away, Kristie is getting "anxious" and wants to have everything put together, so she can pack her bag and leave it by the door so when Kenzie arrives we can return and have everything in order.

Sounds like a wonderful plan.

However, the three huge boxes that housed the pieces for her armoire, bookcase, and changing table were lurking in our upstairs hallway for the better part of a week.

If it is one thing I used to dread, it was putting something together (other than Legos, of course). Several years ago Kristie and I bought an elliptical trainer, and trying to assemble that sucker nearly caused us to kill each other.

But we have come a long way since then. The tools don't seem so awkward in my hands anymore. The screws and nails actually go in like they're supposed to. Now I'm not about to overhaul an engine or actually build anything, but it's progress. Dad would be happy.

Kristie let me tackle the new bookcase we bought for our living room. I just thought of it as adult legos. Plus, I put an episode of Design Star on for a little support (nerd! I know). Then we tackled the patio. Then we put the crib together with ease.

I tried putting together the changing table by myself, but my random abstract work needs some concrete sequential guidance, so I called Kristie up to help me sort things out. We put it together with little trouble.

That could not be said, though, for the armoire. For months Kristie has been looking for a storage area for Kenzie's clothes. She didn't want something too large, since her room has precious little space. She also wanted something with a hanging rod for her clothes. We tried everywhere with no luck.

However, Kristie found what she thought was the perfect armoire in a JC Penney catalog (Mom would have been proud). It was only 40 inches high, 20 inched deep, and 40 inches long. It took Kristie a nano second to break out the tape measure and find the precise spot for it in Kenzie's room. Of course, the catalog had to have a changing table and book shelf right next to the armoire, so they had us hook line and sinker. Kristie had everything measured and set for our baby's room.

Off went our order and out went Theola's dresser and mirror that we had been using.

Now the trouble with the armoire started when we unpacked the contents and didn't notice a rod for hanging clothes. Then they had one of the main supports labelled incorrectly. Plus, the drawing showed the gliders for the drawers upside down - good thing we remembered how they went with the previous changing table.

Things went smoothly after that. However, there was no rod for hanging clothes. The photo shows one, but the actual armoire does not come with one.

Then we tried to fit it into Kenzie's room. It was far too large. Then Kristie broke out the tape measure. So much for 40x20x40. It actually was 50x20x50!

Now if her room was normal size, this would not be a problem. However, when every square inch is precious, this was a big problem. This threw off where we wanted to put both the changing table and the bookcase.

After some re-arranging (and no one in the world loves to re-arrange like Kristie - our bedroom has been altered at least a dozen times - she'd kick ass at the Rubic's cube!), we got it right.

The only thing left was the bookcase. This was the smallest box, so I was relieved. Plus, there was no way it could be as large as the one I put together for the living room. Even better, I carried the box downstairs so I could put it together and watch some football.

There were no surprises with the book shelf. Casey even had his friend, Kurt, over, who happens to play offensive and defensive line for the Red Lake County football team, so we enlisted their aid in carting the bookcase upstairs.

Here are the results.

The armoire.

The changing table.

The bookcase.

KoKo bought the mother figure on the left for Kristie as a mother's day gift. She bought the one on the right for my birthday.

Some books for Kenzie. Kristie's favorite is on the left, Little Toot. I think it will only be a matter of time before she starts on the series on the right. I can't wait to read them to her!

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