Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day

What a day!

Usually, I struggle to sleep the night before school – I was even up for most of the night prior to teaching summer school this year – so I took a Tylenol PM. It worked great. I was out like a light.

But when morning rolled around, the usual madness ensued. I got up early and got a work out in. Then I tended to the animals and thought I was set to go.

Then I foolishly thought I had my clothes ready. When I pulled them out of the closet, I saw they were horribly wrinkled – why I wouldn’t have thought of this earlier since I really hadn’t worn them since may is beyond me.

So that meant some ironing. I got ready but couldn’t find a black belt. So I chucked that outfit and decided on something different to go with my brown belt, which I knew the location of. By this time, though, I had already found my black belt, but I didn’t want to change yet again.

Running a good 20 minutes behind by this time, I grabbed everything I could carry off the table and headed for the car. However, I soon found that the supplies I bought over the weekend – pens, pencils, notecards, and Atomic Fireballs – were still in the dining room (Kristie heeded that I should put everything in my car the night before – Why don’t I listen???).

Finally, I made it to school about 10 minutes late.

What a start to the first day. At least my computer didn’t crash like it once did on the first day.

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Minnesotalady said...

I'm glad this wasn't my first day.