Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saddest sight of the summer

What is the deal with all of the obese people using the little rascal or motorized chairs? I cannot recall seeing so many people out on these. What did they use to do in that past? Not venture out? Or did they just suck it up and walk?

Either way, it alarms me.

But nothing alarmed me as much as an obese child driving his own miniature little motorized vehicle around Target a few weeks ago. What kind of a message are we sending? I mean the odds of an obese child remaining obese throughout his life is something like 75% or greater.

Now we are empowering them by getting them these motorized vehicles! If the poor kid can't walk around Target, how is he going to get around school or hope to even lead some type of a normal life.

But then again, given our insane obesity rates, maybe he is going to be leading a normal life after all.

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