Thursday, August 07, 2008

Primetime episode on China last night

Last night I caught a bit of the Primetime episode devoted to China’s rise that will culminate in the 2008 Olympics.

Some interesting tidbits.

No country in the world has risen to such a standard of power like China since the US surpassed Britain as a world power in the 19th century. In one day China now exports more in one day than China did in the entire year of 1978.

China owns 1 trillion dollars of our debt.

China and the US need each other. We buy so much of their exports. Eighty five percent of all Walmart products are made in China.

Other things brought up during our discussion today –

150,000 Chinese women commit suicide per year.

There is still vast economic and social disparity.

Many lower class workers work 364 days a year.

China now is starting to outsource some of their factories seeking even cheaper labor!

40,000 civic uprisings were put down in China last year with military force.

There are some very interesting ideas in there.

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