Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Casey's latest creation

I'm not saying I totally understand it, but here is Casey's latest imovie creation. He and his buddies have been working on it the past few nights.

They began working on it Sunday evening. Of course, given these guys' schedules, no one really began showing up until nearly ten o'clock. By that time Kristie and I were in bed, but the boys were just about to get to work.

In the morning I found a mess in the garage (I inadvertently burned some of their props, mistaking them for garbage). At first we just thought it was Casey and Austin. However, when Kristie came home from work Casey mentioned that Randy had stopped by after work to help them out.

"Randy?" Kristie asked.

"Yep. And Carl came over too."

"Carl," Kristie said. "When did he come over?"

"After work."

I guess we are running a pretty tight ship around here, but Casey and his buddies could be doing far worse things that tapping into their creative sides. When I was that age, my friends and I were usually more interested in locating the directions for the nearest party.

Times have changed. For the better.

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